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The following themes have been created and published using Chameleon. These themes are fully functional Netscape 6 and Mozilla themes and should give you an example of what is possible to create using the tool. If you have a theme that was created using Chameleon that you would like to post here, please email us at

Warning: The Theme Builder will allow you to create really unpleasant looking themes very easily, so please use the tool with caution!

Theme name:Chromizmatic
Description: Chromizmatic Theme
Built by: Pavol Vaskovic
Built using: Chameleon version .02b (nightly)
Theme name:Sample theme
Description: Sample theme used as example in documentation
Built by: Cameron Barrett and Pete Collins
Built using: Chameleon version .02 on FreeBSD
Theme name:Purple People Eater
Description: Purple theme created using only CSS modifications to Modern
Built by: David Boswell
Built using: Chameleon version .02 on Linux
Theme name:Fruity
Description:Something Fruity
Built by: Pete Collins
Built using: Chameleon version .02 on Windows 98

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